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Thursday 29 June 2017

10.00-11.00 Registration
  Moderator:Prof Dr. J. Vermeulen   
10.55 Opening: Prof Dr. J. Vermeulen  

Dr. R. Levy, MD, PhD, Florida USA
Editor in chief Neuromodulation, Director Marcus Neuroscience Institute Chairman, Harvey Sandler Center for Neurosurgery
History and general principles in neuromodulation 


Prof. Dr. Y. Temel, MD, PhD, Maastricht the Netherlands
Prof. Functional Neurosurgery
Mechanisms of (deep) brain stimulation Mechanisms of (deep) brain stimulation 


Prof. Dr. H. Kingma, MD, PhD, Maastricht the Netherlands
Emeritus Professor in Clinical Vestibulology, Department of ENT,
Professor in Medical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Tomsk Research State University, Russia
New insight in vestibular implants 

12.30-14.00 Lunch 
  Moderator: Dr. J. Melenhorst 

Dr. L. Liem, MD, Maastricht the Netherlands
Stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion for the treatment of chronic pain 


Mr. T. Dudding, MD, FRCS, South Hampton, UK
Colorectal surgeon
Sacral nerve stimulation in bowel disorders 


Prof. Dr. E. Chartier-Kastler, MD, PhD, Paris, France
Prof. Urology Pitié Salpêtrière Paris Hospital
Urological applications of neuromodulation 

15.30-16.00 Break 
  Moderator: Prof. Dr. G. van Koeveringe 

Prof. Dr. P. van Kerrebroeck, MD, PhD, Maastricht the Netherlands
Prof. Urology 
Neuromodulation in Urology: what’s up? 


Mr. K. Meier, MD, PhD, Postdoc, Aarhus Denmark
Department of Anesthesiology,
How to set up a database in neuromodulation 


Mrs. P. Anikeeva, Massachusetts, PhD, USA
Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanoparticles in neuromodulation


Stijn Schretlen, Msc
Medtronic IHS Service Delivery Lead | Lean Sigma Master Black Belt
Value Based Health Care is a very inspirational theory, but how to bring it into practice?

18.30 Social Event