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Friday 28 June

10.00-15.00     Nurse Stream
                          Please go to the page Nurse Stream to check the full programme!

09.00-09.30     Pathways to detect outcome
                          Dr. Pieter Kubben, Maastricht, the Netherlands

09.30-10.00     The value of neuromodulation; where clinical benefits
                          meet costs

                          Prof. Dr. C. Dirksen, MD, PhD, Maastricht, the Netherlands
                          Prof. Health Technology Assessment

10.00-10.45     Investigators meets Industry

10.45-11.00      Break

11.00-12.30     Research and network - parallel sessions
                          Pathways by PhD's (abstract session)
                          Top 9 best selected abstracts on neuromodulation

                          Moderator: Prof. Jeroen Vermeulen 

11.10-11.20     Deep brain stimulation for refractory tinnitus
                          Jana Devos, Maastricht, the Netherlands

11.20-11.30     A machine learning approach to predict weak responders
                         to subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation in Parkinson 
patients based on preoperative characteristics
                          Jeroen Habets, Maastricht, the Netherlands

11.30-11.40     Monitoring Parkinson’s disease symptoms during daily life:
                          A feasibility study

                          Margot Heijmans, Maastricht, the Netherlands

11.40-11.50     Severe seizures as a side effect of deep brain stimulation 
                          in the dorsal peduncular cortex in a rat model of depression

                          Milaine Roet, Maastricht, the Netherlands

11.50-12.00     Tibial nerve stimulation in chronic peripheral
                          neuropathic pain

                          Alireza Moghtaderi, Esfahan, Iran

12.00-12.10     Metabolic activity in auditory cortex and limbic
                          brain regions in a noise-induced tinnitus animal model

                          Faris Almasabi, Maastricht, the Netherlands

12.10-12.20     High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation at 10 kHz for the
                          Treatment of Focal, Chronic, Post-Surgical Neuropathic Pain

                          Karel Hanssens, Roeselare, Belgium

12.20-12.30     Brain activation in fecal storage, defecation 
                          and fecal incontinence: a 1,5T fMRI pilot study 
                          in healthy volunteers
                          Roman Assmann, Maastricht, the Netherlands

12.30-13.30     Lunch

13.30-14.00     Improving visualization pathways
                          Dr. Linda Jacobi, Maastricht, the Netherlands

14.00-14.30     Sacral neuromodulation for Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
                          (1989-2019): Lessons learned, tricks applied
                          Prof. Dr. P. van Kerrebroeck, Maastricht, the Netherlands
                          Prof. Urology