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Programme Friday 30 June



  Moderator: Prof. Dr. Y. Temel  
09.00-09.45 Investigators meets Industry  

Brightlands - Yvo Graus (Senior Business Development Officer)
Nevro Corp - Pascalle Reiters MSc ( Senior Clinical Research Manager)
Livanova - Maxine Dibué-Adjei
Medtronic - Rik Buschman, PhD (Principal Scientist, Medtroni Neuro R&D




Prof. Dr. C. Dirksen, MD, PhD, Maastricht, the Netherlands
Prof. Health Technology Assessment 
The value of neuromodulation; where clinical benefits meet costs

Prof. Dr. B. Linderoth, MD, PhD, Stockholm, Sweden
Emeritus Professor Functional Neurosurgery Karolinska Instituted
Translational research

10.45 Short Explanation WorkshopsProf. Dr. B. Joosten  
10.45-11.00  Break   
11.00-12.30  Research and network                    
  Workshops - Parallel sessions   

Sandra Schipper - Moderator
Push the button: 
The future of stimulation parameters 

Pieter Kubben - Moderator
Tap the button: 
e-health and m-health


Sandra Schipper
Neuromodulation paradigms - top down or button up

Glenn Franken
DRG-SCS in neuropathic pain: a new approach?

Koen Meuwissen
Modes of SCS and pain management: fMRI and operant testing.

Sarah Hescham
A brief overview of neuromodulation techniques

Claudia Simons
Self management with mHealth technology: Momentary monitoring of symptoms

Carine Vossen
Digital Experience Sampling Method in postoperative pain measurement: a pilot.

Ana Lima
Measuring Parkinson's disease symptoms using wearable sensors

Pieter Kubben
Adaptive DBS: local fields potentials, wearables or both?

12.30-13.30  Break   
  Moderator: Prof. Dr. B. Joosten  

Prof. Dr. B. Joosten, MD, PhD, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine,
School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs),
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences,
Wrap up and general discussion regarding workshops 


Prof. Dr. J. Vermeulen | Maastricht, The Netherlands
Professor in Child Neurology
Ethical issues about neuromodulation; should we treat earlier?


Dr. R. Levy, MD, PhD, Florida USA
Editor in chief Neuromodulation, Director Marcus Neuroscience Institute
Chairman, Harvey Sandler Center for Neurosurgery
Future of neuromodulation